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cloud security consulting

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At Trustsec Inc., we are security specialists who believe your data is your business, but your data security is our business.  With years of industry work, Trustsec Inc. can protect your data, your business and ultimately let you focus on what you do best.  Trustsec has a host of service offerings encompassing the cloud security spectrum, from penetration testing and audits, to security strategies, implementation and on going maintenance.


One of the many cloud security services, Trustsec Inc. can review your business's regulatory cloud security compliance requirements.  A comprehensive look at your business's cloud architecture, a comprehensive audit can determine your security profile, highlighting holes weaknesses and threats.  Your cloud is there to run your business, Trustsec Inc. can make sure your data is secure from all threats.

cloud security consulting

Cloud Solutions

There are many solutions available to secure cloud computing environments.  Solutions are customized and tailored to meet the business's objectives, SLA's and budget.  Cloud security solutions are packaged services that address specific portions of your cloud. As one of the many cloud security services, Trustsec Inc. can review your business’s regulatory cloud security compliance requirements.  A comprehensive look at your business’s cloud architecture, a comprehensive audit can determine your security profile, highlighting holes weaknesses and threats.  Your cloud is there to run your business, your cloud is there to run your business, Trustsec Inc. can make sure your data is secure from all threats.  There is a solution for your cloud, don't let your business falter due to cloud security complacency.
Security News
Cloud security is a dynamic sector, constantly evolving along with the technology a business uses.  Trustsec Inc. is on the leading edge of the cloud security sector, its changes and its evolution.  Keeping in touch with industry news and changes allows Trustsec Inc. to be able to react using current cloud security technology and management guidelines.  Read more about Trustsec Inc. and cloud security related news.    
Trustsec President, Matthew Hoerig is also President of the Cloud Security Alliance Canada.  CSA Canada is active and driving cloud security policy and practice.  CSA is dedicated to growing the awareness as well as championing cloud services and cloud security in Canada. 

Cloud Security Survey

Take a short survey that assesses your current IT environment with regard to systems, processes, and productivity. The survey information creates a custom non-commercial report that provides recommendations on your IT state and helps you evaluate the benefits of cloud computing.
Cloud Security Consulting

Our Cloud Security Solutions

Our firm is security motivated and security driven. Our leadership is directly involved with the Cloud Security Alliance Canada and we have cloud security certified resources that have a passion for security in this space. There are many burgeoning cloud security standards and frameworks; NIST, PCI, ISO and CSA to name a few. As SME’s in this space we are able to develop an architecture and solution that either adheres to a given standard or develop a blended approach where we can adapt and integrate pieces from multiple sources to build a truly customized cloud security solution.  Give us a call and let us help you develop a secure and scalable solution that will let you sleep at night.
The Cloud G&RA offering is a practical and effective way to provide clarity and authoritative guidelines On what data, assets and applications would be deemed appropriate migrating to a cloud environment. In establishing corporate governance associated with cloud services, asset prioritization and risk must be established.  The higher the asset priority the lower the tolerance for risk that can be associated with the asset. This is an area that our firm is passionate about, let us help make your cloud experience rewarding and cost effective.
A IT Audit service offering is designed to evaluate the controls that have been implemented from both an application and infrastructure perspective.  The areas of focus include generic vs. System controls and can make the distinction between a qualitative vs. quantitative audit approach.  We’re able to tailor the service to your organizations needs and provide a flexible yet rigorous IT audit experience.  The result is a detailed and actionable deliverable intended to enhance the  Security posture of your organization’s IT environment.
TTrustsec Inc. offers a Risk Discovery Baseline cloud security services  The RDB is a higher level risk analysis engagement that is designed to provide a snapshot.  Of your organization’s risk footprint. It is designed as a lower-cost, quick win approach to addressing more easily identifiable and tangible areas of concern. Our deliverable will identify areas of interest, strategies on risk mitigation and a target-state roadmap. Based on the report conclusions it may be appropriate at that time to consider a more granular and comprehensive risk analysis. Contact us for a consultation.